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Deliver Localized,
Customer Experiences.

Consumers are bored with receiving mountains of irrelevant marketing communications from businesses they do not remember, not will visit again. They don’t want to spend their precious time searching for mediocre deals — they want compelling, local offers delivered when they want them that are simple to redeem now or later!

How does Dinero Detective do it?

Our detectives use geo-location and historicla purchase data to determine the most relevant offers to present to consumers based on a number of factors. Those personalized promotions are then sent out via email, web, social and the MyDinero Marketplace for consumer consumption.

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MyDinero Marketplace makes it easy for current and potential customers review and claim promotions from nearby merchants.

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All of a consumer’s claimed promos contained a Bar Code or QR Code — easy for you to view and scan!

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We believe in the value of shopping local and so do many consumers. MyDinero Marketplace builds those valued connections.

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