Dinero Detective has no subscription fee, no upfront costs and no contracts!

We are truly a risk-free fluid traffic generation platform, and you only pay when we create sales for your business, which means a customer tis on their way to your door!
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Step 1: Release the Detectives

Sign up, create an offer, upload your customer list, integrate with your website, and let our detectives hit the case! 

You do not pay a dime until Dinero Detective generates sales!

No Subscription Fees
No Setup Costs
No Contracts

Release The Detectives


Step 2: Fluid Engagement and Sales

Sit back and relax while we distribute your offers.

Our detectives will:
Engage your current customers 
Collect new customers via your website 
Seek new customers via paid Digital Ads
Expose your promotions through our network of partners

You simply get ready for more customers, as our detecives work to crack the case!


Step 3: Collect Your Cash

When the detectives create sales, you pay a small percentage for each sale generated.

Pay Only For Success
Small Percentage 
Trackable Results
Save Time and Money

Sign up with detectives for free and get started risk-free!

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